Friday, 27 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, part 2

Thanksgiving dinner was for 4 people, hubby and me as well as a couple we had invited. Everything was pretty on course by the time they arrived - everything cooked and in the fridge, and the bird in the oven already. I had put the finger food in the little bar-like structure that separates the kitchen from the living room

Yellow corn tortilla chips with bean dip

Bagel crisps with herb cream cheese

Then our guests arrived and brought a metric ton of additional finger foods, desserts and drinks! Two trays of cheeses, crackers, olives and fruit (including prosciutto and parmesan rolls, cheese with cranberries, cheddars, and a nut covered cheese ball.. yum!), 4 different desserts (pumpkin pie, apple pie, peach pastry and two types of tartlets, AND neapolitan ice cream AND cool whip!) and three bottles of spanish wine. I particularly enjoyed the white one.

I didn't take any pics of the food that was brought in as we quickly sat down with drinks and chatting, and once we had a couple each, we played Apples to Apples. It was hilarious, and I managed to win. Yay!

Then the bird was ready, and it came out of the oven and hubby started carving it on the spot. We don't have a huge dining table so we put the food buffet style:

Mad carving skillz.

Top: Mash potatoes, corn bread stuffing, beet salad
Bottom: Bourbon black eyed peas, southwestern corn, gravies (one plain, one bell-pepper infused)

All the food was delicious, I got compliments on the mash potatoes and felt a little embarrassed to admit that it started with a couple of Steam-n-Mash microwave bags, however, it was just to eliminate the process of cutting and boiling the potatoes ;) Thinking some more about it, I think they turned out so good because the bags tell you exactly how much milk and butter to use, so the texture is foolproof - in addition, I used whole milk and butter for them - the diet could wait till the next day!

Happily stuffed with everything, we then watched a couple of comedies on the TV and then sent our guests home with at least 3 tupperware containers full of leftovers. Our fridge is still full of them though. I'm sending some of the desserts to the sports bar tonight, I think!

All and all, I believe this was the best Thanksgiving I had.


Tinsie said...

Four different desserts and you took no photos?! You should be ashamed of yourself! Tsk tsk tsk.

Marg, the Sal. said...

Hahaha! We put everything on the coffee table and the cannibalizing started right away! I assure you though that they look just like pie normally looks like!