Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Mongolian-type grill

Hubby was feeling unwell almost all day yesterday, skipping breakfast and lunch living on crackers and carbonated drinks. Sometime in the evening, he declared that he felt some better and decided that he would rather eat out than stay in and cook (Good, the fridge was almost empty since the last of the leftovers were eaten some time yesteday). So, we decided to hit downtown Naperville and visit Flat Top Grill. There, they have a bar-like assortment of starches (rice and noodles), sauces vegetables and meats. You can create your own combination and leave it on the cook's counter to be cooked and then brought to your table.

I had a mix of noodles and rice with snow peas, mushroom and wheat meat and soy beans with egg and pork in indian curry sauce. Here's a pic after I had eaten almost half of it. I ordered a mango tea with it which was delicious and came with free refills. Yay!

The little wooden stick is for identifying your plate; you write your name on it and stick it in your bowl when you take it to the counter. I wrote "Maaaargh" on mine to see if the waiter would say it aloud, but he didn't, he offered hubby's plate (who had written his name normally) first.


Tinsie said...

Haha you're so cheeky!!!

BTW did you know that soy is bad for your thyroid?

Marg, the Sal. said...

I do - that's why I don't eat it very often. I used to drink soy milk but since I read about the thyroid effects I stopped buying it, though I prefer its taste.

Tinsie said...

Me too, I prefer the taste of soy milk, but have had to cut it out and drink normal milk instead. Ewww.