Saturday, 12 December 2009

The weekend in photos, Part 1

Starting Friday, when the cold became just a bit less severe - enough to get me on the train downtown to post my holiday cards. After that was done, I decided it was finally breakfast time. I walked around and when I was afraid I'd have to end up at Starbucks, I found Tangerine Cafe.

There was a lot of breakfast foods to choose from, but I went for a personal favorite: Banana-Nutella crepes and coffee:

I appreciated the personal coffee pot, since I didn't have to hunt the waiter down for a refill. The crepes were delicious. I was positively stuffed by the time I was done, and decided to walk around and window shop to burn some of the calories!

Saturday morning started really late. We slept in and enjoyed every minute of it, then went off to Baker's Square for brunch. I got a butter croissant, poached eggs with sausage and a bowl of fruit, while hubby had a country fried steak with biscuit and hash browns. Can't you tell he doesn't need a diet? I didn't take a pic of the food, mainly because the croissant arrived some later and I didn't want the eggs to go cold, but I did take a pic of the store's pride; the massive variety of pies:

After that, it was back home and tree decoration time.


Tinsie said...

Kai tou xronou :-)

Tinsie said...

As for the food photos, all I can say is, I understand what you mean about portion sizes being massive!!!!

Marg, the Sal. said...

Definitely so. I almost left half of the last crepe, but ended up eating it anyway, since taking it with me was a bit impractical. Then proceeded to eat greens for lunch..