Thursday, 28 June 2007

Construction Blues

The first time I heard the jackhammer 2-3 days ago, I thought it was the paramedics chopper from UPMC Montefiore trying to land on the roof of our apartment building and take one of our many senior neighbors with them. Then I heard it the day after. The exact same time, too early o'clock. Can't be, I said in my semi-sleepy status. Two folks need the chopper, this is just not right.

Then hubby muttered next to me "Tis the jackhammer".

Appears there's some construction project going across the street. Splendid.

Rawr. Thanks for getting me up 30 minutes earlier than I need to get up. There goes my beauty sleep!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Dentistry final update

Oof. The root canal is over, and I won't need a crown! Woot! This saves me pain, agony, desire and at least 200 bucks. Without even switching to Geico.

On the other hand, I got completely soaking wet on my way home today. Mm. Summer in da Burg is always on the moist side. Where is that umbrella again?

Thursday, 21 June 2007


and what they can do to your mood and schedule.

1. Medieval dance practice. I have absolutely no desire being in a small classroom over at CMU instead of dancing barefoot on the green. I might pass and vegetate in front of the computer for an unseen amount of time.
2. Driving range. Let's just not go there. Swinging a metal rod in a thunderstorm is just stupidity a la carte.
3. Headache. Please, go away. Or something.

At least I won't need to mop the balcony. Always look at the bright side of life (whistle, whistle)

Friday, 1 June 2007

Let's talk about the Spurs, baby :)

So, hubby is Texan. Not only that, but his alma mater is UTSA, which makes any sport event that contains a San Antonio team A Must To See. And, when the S.A. Spurs make it to the NBA quarter-finals, then it's just a special occasion! (no, actually not, they are a damn good team and they are placed high in the tree almost every year. But you know what I mean).

Hubby is also pretty benevolent. He has absolutely no problem in abandoning our home (and two high-def screen TV's) to yours trully and go to the neighborhood sports bar (which has a high-def screen TV, just to make this one certain) and watch it and drink rum and diet or Killian's and scream along with the rest of the testosterone-ridden crowd.

Because, don't get it wrong, I do enjoy watching most sports (with the exception of baseball which I am certainly doomed not to ever understand), but I don't have that level of dedication.

Unless of course it's some semi-quarter-final or quarter-final of Champion's League, which I will watch rather religiously.

Back to the Spurs now: They pulled together a great game, Utah Jazz was a noble opponent, but we beat the living crap out of them anyway :D

I guess we'll see Cleveland at the finals then!