Thursday, 10 May 2007

Greek Food Festival..

Every year since I have no idea when, St. Nicholas, the greek orthodox church of my neighborhood hosts a food festival. Since I don't cook much (I'm more like the kind of girl that like to use no more than one pan or pot for cooking), and hubby really really likes lamb and pitta, we go there, and every, but every time, I get annoyed for the same reasons.

The food is the same every year. A fish plaki, a chicken riganato, a beef stifado, soutzoukakia, tiropita, spanakopita, mousakas, pastitsio and pilafi. Along with dolmades, various desserts (including kourambiedes and melomakarona completely disregarding the fact that they are supposed to be eaten during Christmas), a salad that has more lettuce and small whole peppers than it should and absolutely no cucumber, and bread with butter (totally unheard of anywhere that sells traditional greek food).

But it's not just the menu that is completely uninspired. The flavours are watered down and boring, except for the desserts, and the prices are simply outrageous. Every year I am considering buying a piece of spanakopita, but I just cannot bring myself paying $3 for a 4"x4" piece, when in Greece I pay half for double the portion. I understand that it's supposed to be a novelty and a fundraiser, but I doubt that any of the ingredients (save for the feta maybe) are imported at all.

And, more than anything, it is annoying how the rest of the Pittsburghers think that THIS is what Greek cuisine is about. Oh well.

One could tell me that I should find a solution instead of complaining about the problem, but unfortunately I don't exactly get paid by the EOT, so...