Sunday, 23 September 2012

Officially Fall

I love to actively feel the change of season, and this fall has so far delivered. The temperature took a veritable dive these last few days. Not the decisive bite of cold, but the coolness that combined with an on-and-off sunshine makes for the perfect walking weather. About 13 degrees Celsius or so.

I will now wait for the change of the leaf colors, it's on its way, but not quite there yet. I think I would like a nice, long fall before it's really winter. I'm already devising strategies against sub-zero temperatures, snow and sleet, since commuting from work involves walking on sidewalks that not everyone shovels.

Hopefully, there's plenty of time till then.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

September and coats

Technically, fall is not icumen in till the Equinox on the 21st or whereabouts. However, one ought to be prepared for all sorts of weather, as it is the custom of this land, quite in advance. So, while stuck at home this weekend due to work obligations, and in expectance of the first huge rain of the season, I decided to do some investigation into my coat closet. For good measure, I am watching Pirates of the Caribbean and lusting over 18th century fashions. Coats, hats, boots, frills, buckles. I think I’ll skip the tentacles.

So, back and forth from the closet to the mirror, I have tried on the following.

  • Quilted vest that is quite huge, but I can belt and upgrade some over some sweater or other.
  • The “hobbit coat”. This is a 100% wool green kneecap-hitting coat with wooden buttons from Benetton. It used to be big, but now it just won’t even stick onto my shoulders. I might try to consign it and see what happens, it is very well preserved and very cozy and warm. Someone ought to enjoy it.
  • The “great coat”. Nope, not the Regency era type with the 17 layers made to travel on a carriage and such. This is a coat I purchased at the deep of winter some years ago for 80% off at some department store. It has faux fur trims on the cuffs and neckline and it’s quite like a furnace. Decisively big, but still drapes nice. And I’m sure because it is robe-shape,  it can be utilized in reenactment.
  • Leather round coat with button-on hood, beige with black accents.  Hand-me-down from a relative with higher disposable income than myself, it feels expensive and drapes wonderfully. I’ll wear it till I can wear it no more.
  • Gray wool hooded zipped cape. It’s fabulous. I might need a pair of red pants to go with it.
  • Etam brand long trench coat. Very classic design, still unsure about the fit, it is a bit boxy.
  • Zara knee-length trench coat. Decent fit, saved my from all sorts of rainy walks last spring.

From all this I have now deducted that I’m in desperate need of a moto jacket. I’ve already decided that a real leather, and possibly designer brand moto jacket will be my ultimate weight loss reward when I hit my goal. Till then, I might shop around for alternatives to that. We’ll see. If all else fails, I could always use a denim jacket, right?