Friday, 21 October 2011

..and it's fall all over again

What I love about Chicagoland is the abundance of sunlight year-round. There can be days with really low temperatures during the fall and winter, but there's always the chance that it'll be served with a side of sunshine, just enough to lure me outside of the cozy confines of my apartment.

These last few days the weather has been decisively declining. I wasn't completely opposed to that as I was quite eager to get back to my sweaters, leggings and similar things with my new and improved physique - I have dropped almost 50 pounds since last spring, and there is a lot of older clothing I am reclaiming. Like this pair of pants, paired with my new and totally favorite boots:

Pants from Banana Republic from forever ago, boots are Rebel
They have even more buckles on the side.

I have a favorite walk path - it goes along a small pond and some rows of trees, leading to a hotel. I am almost certain that the path is actually hotel property, though all types of walkers, joggers and pet owners use it without any problem and there are no signs warning for trespassing. So, I take advantage of it. Not that humans are the only ones to do so.

If I keep walking, I can cross a side street (with traffic) and get to a strip mall with a grocery store, a department store and a music store among other things. Today, I decided I needed a new black handbag (not pictured), so between the strolling and the shopping I spent about two hours on my feet. Not bad at all!