Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Whoa, it's been forever!

Shame on me!

Truth to be said, there was a lot going on that I did not feel like blogging - holidays that went smoothly but with horrible weather, dental troubles (3 wisdom teeth and an acre of Vicodin later I 'm ok, thanks for asking), and now my mother is visiting.

It is her first time EVER under my roof. And she's taken over already. I decided that fighting takes away too much precious energy, so I decided to let her do whatever she wants - after all, she'll be off before I know and I want to remember only the fun things we do. Like playing poker while watching WWE.

I couldn't take any time off work, but that was really a blessing in disguise as I am a quite private person (Hubby and I spend a lot of our time in separate rooms and we both like that) and having sometime just with the company of myself is vital. That is not expected to happen for the duration of her visit, and it's not right to make her bored anyway :)

Oh well. Bottom line - I'm doing well, just have been silent!