Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hurray for holidays!

I put my tree up this morning. It's a fake skinny tree that we bought at a time that 20 bucks for a tree felt like a splurge. I get something new for it every year, and the plan is to give it an ornament on every branch before we start decorating something else. What  I'd really like is that we end up decorating a real tree, but not while we live on the 3rd floor with no elevator.

Here's what I got for the tree this year.

The bells actually jingle. The stupid little ribbons almost ended me because they were glued on them, while they could have been tied through the ring. So I ended up tying all those little ribbons. I think I'll get better ribbon next year, and cut it longer too.

The tree is now up but there's no pic of it right now, because the room around it is a bit of a disaster. When/if it stops being a disaster, I might take one. It ended up pretty but not too pretty - after all, my place is definitely not the holiday catalog of Williams-Sonoma.