Thursday, 28 June 2007

Construction Blues

The first time I heard the jackhammer 2-3 days ago, I thought it was the paramedics chopper from UPMC Montefiore trying to land on the roof of our apartment building and take one of our many senior neighbors with them. Then I heard it the day after. The exact same time, too early o'clock. Can't be, I said in my semi-sleepy status. Two folks need the chopper, this is just not right.

Then hubby muttered next to me "Tis the jackhammer".

Appears there's some construction project going across the street. Splendid.

Rawr. Thanks for getting me up 30 minutes earlier than I need to get up. There goes my beauty sleep!

1 comment:

Tinsie said...

Try going to bed 30 mins earlier instead - beauty sleep is worth more early in the night than late in the morning. So they say anyway ;-)