Friday, 1 June 2007

Let's talk about the Spurs, baby :)

So, hubby is Texan. Not only that, but his alma mater is UTSA, which makes any sport event that contains a San Antonio team A Must To See. And, when the S.A. Spurs make it to the NBA quarter-finals, then it's just a special occasion! (no, actually not, they are a damn good team and they are placed high in the tree almost every year. But you know what I mean).

Hubby is also pretty benevolent. He has absolutely no problem in abandoning our home (and two high-def screen TV's) to yours trully and go to the neighborhood sports bar (which has a high-def screen TV, just to make this one certain) and watch it and drink rum and diet or Killian's and scream along with the rest of the testosterone-ridden crowd.

Because, don't get it wrong, I do enjoy watching most sports (with the exception of baseball which I am certainly doomed not to ever understand), but I don't have that level of dedication.

Unless of course it's some semi-quarter-final or quarter-final of Champion's League, which I will watch rather religiously.

Back to the Spurs now: They pulled together a great game, Utah Jazz was a noble opponent, but we beat the living crap out of them anyway :D

I guess we'll see Cleveland at the finals then!


Tinsie said...

Gosh. I don't even remember the last time I watched a basketball game :-(

Marg, the Sal. said...

Basketball is a bit fast paced for me. Sports like football or rugby are much more agreeable. Amer. football is a bit slow as it starts and stop all the frigging time!

Tinsie said...

You should try cricket for slowness ;-)