Sunday, 15 November 2009

Naked branches

Tinsie and I were discussing about the brutal winds that both our locations suffer from, and how it'd pretty much wipe any leaves left on the tree branches, and I remembered this snap I took yesterday after hitting golf balls at the range.

Now all we want is the minus temperatures and the snow, and we can call it winter alright!


Tinsie said...

I don't think we're getting snow any time soon, but I'm pretty sure most of the trees in the West Country at least will be bald after last weekend's gale force winds!

Marg, the Sal. said...

I believe our general area (western suburbs) got a little of snow a couple of weeks ago but not near where I live. This is gonna be the first winter in Illinois and I'm quite bracing myself, as it's going to be colder than the once in Pittsburgh..