Sunday, 1 November 2009

I'm back, through planes and cabs!

I had a lovely time, there was laughs and good food and a couple of really silly costumes. Kudos to the guy that dared to come as Chuck Norris! There was also the oxymoron that I'd call Comfortable Domestic Flight.

I opted to flight with United since their scheduled flight and price suited me. However, when I went to self-check in, since I would not check in any luggage, I was offered with a service they call Economy Plus. To wit, a type of seating with more leg space (5 inches, per their advertising) than their standard Economy. They were asking for $14 for an hour long flight, so I thought "why not? My knees usually suffer during domestic flights with the narrow space that is usually provided" and opted for the upgrade.

It sure made all the difference in the world. I didn't fidget in my seat like I normally do trying to unlock my knees, and I could actually use my tray without pushing it with my stomach.

In addition, on my sold out flight back, they offered to check in my quite large carry on for no additional cost, since I'd be of the last to board and as such I might not find space on the overhead compartment to store it. I thought momentarily that I might get Murphy's law by finding my sack to be the last on the baggage claim blet, but since it was of the last to be loaded in, it was of the first to be placed on it.

So I might actively try to flight with United in the future. As for the cab part of the post, it makes me really happy that getting a taxi in Chicagoland is so less complicated than in Pittsburgh (where people just don't take taxis, period). I have a company's phone number in my cellphone's contacts list, I'm in their database, including my home address, so it might be that they sent me a driver that knows my suburb well and needs little direction.

Ah, little comforts that make for a Marg that gets home just mildly tired instead of trip-induced cranky!


Tinsie said...

Well done! Sounds as if the journeying went extremely well. Do we have any pictures of the costumes? I must see the Chuck Norris guy!!!

Marg, the Sal. said...

There are few pictures in my FB, but alas, the Chuck Norris guy does not appear in any of them. He took the mullet wig off early in the evening as it was rather hot.