Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Initiating Cooking Mode - Grilled Veggies Pitta Wraps

I had this craving for grilled veggies for a few days, so when I went to the store the other day I got a couple of portabella caps and a medium sized eggplant. The plan was to just grill them on my small Foreman Grill and have them with a bit of bread.

So, thinking some in advance, I sliced the veggies, plus a yellow bell pepper that I happened to have around, and grilled them on the Foreman till softened, then put them in a container with a simple vinaigrette that I whipped on the spot (balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic powder, pepper and sugar), but any vinaigrette would do. I closed the lid on the container and threw it in the fridge. Then I went shopping.

I bought Self Magazine, an entertaining book about female friendships, and Scrabble Slam, a card game. Then, I bought some ground clove and vanilla extract in case I decide to initiate Baking Mode in the future, and a waterproof mascara because the previous one I had purchased wasn't and I found out the bad way.

Then I returned home and realized that I forgot to buy bread. Or gruyere that I was also fantasizing about. However, I had pitas and crumbled feta, so that had to do.

I heated the pitas in a pan with just a bit of oil in it, while microwaving the vegetables. I divided them and the feta crumbles between the two pitas, though there was enough vegetables for possibly 3 of them. I didn't want to eat a 3rd pita, but I was hungry so I ate the whole thing, and it was delicious.


Tinsie said...

I'm so glad I don't like grilled vegetables - I'd be attacking my fridge now instead of posting a comment :-)

Marg, the Sal. said...

I used to be indifferent to them, until I had a grilled veg and yellow cheese sandwich in an airplane of all places!

I've been living on starch and dairy even with the diet, so adding some veg in the schedule is kinda necessary.

Tinsie said...

Ewwww re: grilled veg sandwich.

I have lots of starch and dairy in my diet too, but also fresh fruit and veg. I've just had a massive green salad. Miam miam.

Marg, the Sal. said...

I shouldn't mention the pile of steamed broccoli that was part of my dinner tonight then :P

I love green salads - especially with fruit and nuts. There's a deli/bakery/cafe near where I used to work, and it served a salad with mixed greens, walnuts, gorgonzola and raspberry vinaigrette. *sigh*