Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The whole package

If we forget about the teddy bear, but I am more a koala person rather than a teddy bear person.

Which means that I got home to find flowers, chocolates, and BBC's Pride and Prejudice 2DVD box set. And that's without the preliminary presents.

I have to say, I got him chocolates too. With a koala on the box.

Why today instead of tomorrow, you might wonder. Well, we are in a middle of a snow storm and tomorrow it's going to be even worse. So, the flowers had to be bought today, and you can't really hide flowers, can you?


Happy Valentine's Day. Show love to someone, even though that someone might whine that "this is for schoolkids", cause deep down noone really believes so!


Tinsie said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Sal! What a perfect day to be stuck indoors, eh? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink ;-)
As for celebrating early, I always find that if you start early, it lasts longer. Which is generally a good thing with celebrations. Enjoy!
Tins xx

Marg, the Sal. said...

The earlier the better, that is correct. For example, this year I had a birthday weekend. It was great!

Eirene Hannah said...

Happy Valentine's Day to both of you *wink wink*

I spent it alone as hubby was away again but this time it was for a good cause he he In any case, the chocolates still taste delicious he he he

Eirene xx