Monday, 12 February 2007

Good, wholesome weekends

Those are something that needs some work, you know. Like, deciding how much to sleep in! Deciding if it's worth it to fight temperatures of -18oC just to avoid suffering from cabin fever around Sunday afternoon. And, most important, one has to make self ready to fight the Saturday evening/night crowds that invariably swarm any location that might provide entertainment.

Thankfully, both my husband and I like pretty much the same things. Drinks, dinner, shooting pool, hitting golf balls at the practice range. The golf ball part will have to wait for another couple of months because of the weather, so opting for the rest of the list was rather wise.

Let me tell you now, that I am a mediocre pool player, while hubby is a damn good one (TM). Still though, out of sheer luck, I managed to win, which was cathartic. Pool is a game that is supposed to obey the laws of physics, which is reassuring by itself. Playing it on a table that is well maintained and cared for, makes it even better. There's nothing worse than playing on poor tables that send the ball anywhere but where you aimed for. But thankfully, our local joint has a very good reputation, which is responsible sometimes for the waiting list that is often created.

What can I say, I like places that do not resemble dumps. For that matter, the evening was concluded at a middle tier restaurant, where I was served the biggest slice of cheesecake ever known to man because I am so special. Scratch that. I think they did that because it was 11:00 p.m. and they'd dispose the rest of it anyway!


Tinsie said...

Sounds good. Most weekends we barely leave the flat. You are way more energetic than us.
Well done on winning too, luck or no luck :-)

Marg, the Sal. said...

You should start doing things out there, girl! It can be fun you know! ;)

Tinsie said...

What? Leave my computer, my TV, my books and my DVD player behind and venture out there all alone?
No way ;-)