Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Dentistry blues

So I need a root canal.

I broke an old teenage-era filling some weeks ago, and after some back and forthing related to the misprinting of my insurance card, I finally manage to schedule an appointment for an examination and maybe a filling, for today. Only to be told when I got there, that I will need to schedule another appointment (with a different doctor) for that (the root canal).

Dude. Aren't all dentists created equal? Back in Greece, my dentist would do fillings, cleansings, root canals, name it. And do it pretty well. And wouldn't cost me much, even w'out insurance. Not to mention that "dental insurance" was a first for me when I moved in da Burgh.

So, even with the aforementioned dental insurance, I still have to fork out something over 400 bucks. How cute. The actual price for the root canal is 700 something, and that's without the filling and the crown. When I heard the price I totally spaced out, took a copy of the expenses analysis and left.

Now I 'll have to call them back all over to ask them if they can arrange for montly payments.



Tinsie said...

Welcome to the affluent west :-p
It's shocking how much medical treatment costs, isn't it? Personally, I don't even have dental insurance. It works out cheaper to just fly to Greece when I need dental work done. I know it's not a choice for you, so fingers crossed they can do monthlies xxx

Άκης Καπράνος said...

Na posexeis ta vava.

Marg, the Sal. said...

@ Tinsie:
Oh, trust me, I'm perfectly familiar with the outrageous medical fees of this country. But still, it never fails to surprise/amuse/whatever me...

@ άκης:
Sa posexo!

Eirene H said...

I can tell you how to escape all those fees. Get pregnant!! HE HE If it's the same over there than in this country (UK) pregnant women get 2 years free of any dental treatment WHO HOOOOOOOOOOO :-))