Sunday, 18 February 2007

Music, dance and good food.

Most of my friends here in Blogger might know or not that I participate in a medieval reenactment group. I enjoy doing lots of things with the folks over there, but one of the most favourite ones are playing music and dancing. So it happened that yesterday an event was hosted that was all about music and dance. I spent my day in a very nice bunch of rooms in a Student Union, played the recorder and drum, ate nice quiches and breads with yummy cheese spreads and baklava and mince pies till I gave myself such a sugar rush that I could go all the way playing along behind the minstrel's parapet.

I don't call this blog "minstrelrin" without a reason. I have been playing music almost all my life, though rather classical and modern than medieval and early renaissance. Discovering these musics with a medium other than a CD recording is one of the most awesome things I had hoped to experience. And playing with other musicians that share that vision is priceless.


Tinsie said...

I'm not much of a musician myself, but the eating and dancing sound good!
Will you be posting any real pictures?

Marg, the Sal. said...

I didn't take any pics myself, but if any of my friends has them, I'll share!