Friday, 9 February 2007

There is a thing to be said..

..about cereal bars for breakfast. One is never enough, and more than one beats the principle of dieting.

I guess I will have to grow a pair of willpower and suck it, but it is Friday and I want this week to be over, not that it is horrible or anything, just went through too fast for my liking and relaxation will be much appreciated. Combined with a beer or a girly drink, preferably.

This weekend, I want to cook. Meaning, buying raw ingredients and cook something from scratch. I have all those really nifty cookbooks and I haven't used them since I was working part time. (There is a thing to be said about working full time, but that is material for another post).

If I manage to cook, I'll post pictures. That will give me some initiative!

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Tinsie said...

I agree about cereal bars - they're the food of the devil. Too sweet or too tasteless, and one is never enough.
I've also had a hectic week, so you're in good company. Speaking of which, we're getting together with the girls tonight and we're chilling with a couple of glasses of wine. I've already put three bottles in the fridge :-)
Cooking from scratch just ain't gonna happen for me this weekend. The best I can hope for is that I'll get round to dusting my cookery books...