Saturday, 20 February 2010

I'm a happy snapper.

I'm trying to figure out some of the features of the new camera, so here are a couple of pictures I took. The salad (spring mix, beets, almonds, chives and blue cheese dressing), I shot with the "Food" scene option, which is pretty awesome for any still life type picture taken inside during day light.

The glasses now, I can't recall what I used. I snapped a bunch with a lot of different options, and just kept the one that was best focused. I thought of processing it to warm the color some, but I like it this way also.

I think I'm very happy with it. Now, to replace the point-and-shoot so that I can have a nice camera that can fit the purse!


Tinsie said...

Great photos, both of them! I love food scene options in cameras, they're so handy :-)

Glad you didn't process the glasses, they look perfect just as they are.

For a neat camera to fit in a handbag, I can highly recommend the Canon Ixus range. They're better than any other small camera I've used.

Marg, the Sal. said...

I'll keep that in mind - once I'm back into working, it'll be one of the first splurges I'll look into.