Thursday, 15 November 2012

Things I'd have not expected to do ten years ago

1. Be at my current weight without being angry at my daily menu. I had dieted before, with very good results, but there was famine involved, and the weight came back along with the re-introduction of things that people actually like to eat. This time I took a more inclusive approach.
2. Wear brown and black at the same time! I blame the pair of brogues that have brown leather uppers and a black rubber platform sole, and the Longchamp Pliage back pack that I received for Xmas many years ago, but in general this was one of the biggest frowns some time during the 90s, and possibly the beginning of the 00s. I still discourage my husband to do black belt and brown shoes, though.
3. Cut my hair chin-short. I had short hair as a teenager, then I hated it and let let it grow, and grow, and grow and it was my trademark or sorts.
4. Opt for contact lenses after a life of wearing glasses every waking hour (and some sleeping ones, too!). I used to get teary eyed for no reason, or so I thought, until I realized that it would almost exclusively happen while in claustrophobic, smoke saturated bars. Now that there is a smoking ban in such premises, bring em on! The first time I went to a masquerade with an actual mask on, I almost cried.
5. Understand American Football. It did take a long while. And I'll never, ever understand baseball. I'd really like to learn more about rugby, though.

The post about the parsnips will have to wait after I cook the batch that is currently in the fridge, in the off chance that I'll remember to take a pic or two.

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Tinsie said...

Way to go Sal! I share your enthusiasm for contact lenses - I'm wearing my new ones as we speak!