Friday, 23 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Local Business Saturday/Whathaveyou

It's day 2 of the holiday kick start and I have to admit I have not done much shopping yet. I have only picked up a bunch of used CDs that I've already sampled and ripped in my external HD. Mostly early music, with a side of world music:

I'm also quite eager to dig into leftovers, come lunch time. Here's how the turkey prep started and how it ended:

Pretty majestic, I think. And as healthy as it gets - it's only the breast, and we cooked it with light butter instead of regular, the rest of the flavors came from aromatics. Granny Smith apples and a boatload of fresh sage. We basically made humble vegetables taste like stuffing. Quite impressive.

The original plan for today was to leisurely go out to the stores just to see what's there after the door busting crowds are gone, but the winds outside are flat out insane; I had trouble opening the car door, and keeping it open once I managed it. Now I'm indoors in front of my glorified typewriter  desktop and the wind howling is of horror movie quality. Might as well stay in until it passes some..

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Tinsie said...

I love the before and after shot of your meal! Hope the wind has died down xx